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German education system is world famous and very well known for quality of education. Degree from Germany is worldwide recognized and accepted.

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About us

Stern Career’s Overseas Education Institute has been established in the Year of 2014 for the sole purpose of helping Students and guiding them for their Career’s path to Germany. Our Vision is to solve the difficulties that Students are getting for Studying in Germany.

  • German Language Support
  • DSH passed faculty
  • guaranteed Goethe Result
  • Exam Practice based on Goethe basis
  • Online Training from Germany
  • Support in Courses and University Selection
  • VISA Interview preparation
  • Visa Filing

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Courses Completed

Admissions in Germany

Job In Germany

Programs for Germany

All Programs

German education system is world famous and very well known for quality of education. Degree from Germany is worldwide recognized and accepted.

Bachelor in Germany

Bachelor Program in Germany is becoming very popular for an international student from all over the world.

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Master in Germany

Master in Germany is 2 years (4 Semesters) course. There are more than 1000 types of master course available.

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PhD in Germany

Germany’s Doctorate degree has an excellent reputation in all over worlds. Teaching and research provide key impulses for innovation and progress.

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Studienkolleg in Germany

In india we have 12 year school period but in germany it is 13 year. So 13th year is called studienkolleg in germany.

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Services for Germany

All Services

We provide German language coaching to our students as well as other services like university admission, Visa Process, accommodation, health insurance, block account process in Germany.

German Language

There are 3 types of german language courses available:

  • Basic Level (A1, A2)
  • Intermediate Level (B1, B2)
  • Professional Level (C1, C2)

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University Admission

If you wish to Study in Germany then you have at least one University Admission letter for your visa process, and that’s where the Stern Career’s Overseas Education Institute stands to helps you out in the best way for your application process.

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Blocked Account Process

There are two banks in which you can open a blocked account one is in Kotak Mahindra Bank and second is in Deutsche Bank and Nowaday you can also open your blocked account in fintiba sutor bank and coracle

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Visa Process in Germany

We will provide 15 days visa training by a professional trainer who will teach do’s and don’ts for a visa interview. Stern Career’s Overseas Education Institute will provide a bank of around 40 questions which you need to prepare for the visa interview.

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Accommodation in Germany

Stern Career’s Overseas Education Institute will help you to find suitable accommodation in Germany near to your school and university. Here below we have tried to give some information about how to find accommodation in Germany

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Health Insurance

Students from all other countries have to get insurance in Germany, even if they already have a health insurance in their country of origin.

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Services for Germany

Medical PG

We can assist the students to find a suitable job during and after their study in Germany.


Hospitation is like Internship or Observership in Hospital, where intern doctors only allow observing the patient;they are not allowed to do handle any patient but this all working condition during Hospitation in Germany is depended a lot on hospitals and people who are working there.

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Working as a Nurse is a very respectful profession in the medical system. Germany has a very high demand for Nurse so they are now doing more focus on the International nurse who can come to Germany working as a Nurse in Germany.

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Why you should study in Germany?

There are such a lot of important motives to Study in Germany. German Universities have an amazing allure for college students from all over Europe (and past) for as a minimum a closing couple of centuries.

  • High-Quality Teaching And Research
  • Free Education And Low Living Cost In Germany
  • Scholarships Available
  • Quality Education
  • Low Transportation Charges
  • Good Career Prospects
  • High Quality Of Life
  • Environmental Aspect In Germany
  • Demographics
  • Geography


What Our Students Say

Nirmalkumar Mistry

Msc in Technische universität in Chemnitz

I can highly recommend this institute for learning German language because this institute provides best atmosphere to learn German and also gives guidance regarding admission in best university of Germany.

Yashkumar Kathrotiya

Hochschule Revensburg-Weingarten

I refer to all of you please teach German Language at stern as well as consultancy

Vishal Nathani

Leibniz Universität Hannover

I am greatly thankful to "Stern Career’s Overseas Education Institute" for their valuable guidance and support to achieve my goal of getting visa of GERMANY. I experienced that team members are very professionals and competent in dealing with difficult situation. So If anyone have the dream to study abroad then this is the best ever consultancy for student's bright future.

Hiren Dobariya

Leibniz Universität Hannover

Experienced faculty Most suitable location Daily analysis and Speaking Practice Greater result Excellent chance to make future Perfect consultancy Mostly Recommended

Vivek Kantrodiya

Leibniz Universität Hannover

One of the best consultancy for German higher education. They are highly professional with the way of the work. I am satisfied with their Service. I got offer from University of TU Hannover. Thanks to Stern Career’s Overseas Education Institute their guidance and support.

Hiren Kotadiya

Hochschule Revensburg-Weingarten

Stern has been guiding me from the time I join. Stern had helped me in guiding every steps towards my successful career in Germany. The continuous efforts of Teacher and team both are good fruits that my Visa has been accepted. I credit the whole to Stern team for my success and I will never forget their contribution made towards my future.

Piyush Kapopara

Duiseburg Essen Universität

Excellent assistance provided by their staffs. Guided me step by step. Deal with my concerns professionally, replying my queries immediately, always keeping me informed. Thank you so much Stern Career’s Overseas Education Institute Team and keep up the good work. Thanks