Now a day, Bachelor Program in Germany is becoming very popular for an international student from all over the world. German universities offer a wide range of Bachelor program in all selected fields. If we talk about India then, every year 70% increases in enrollment of Indian students at German universities. There are some good reasons to Study Graduate Program in Germany. Likewise, quality education, no tuition fees, more career opportunities. The student can study in German medium as well as in International program which is completely in English medium so it is very much easier for the International student to Study in Germany.

Eligibility Criteria

Generally, the Bachelor Degree Course is available in the German language. But some programs are also available in english language. If you want to start your Bachelor in Germany, following things that are required

  • Overall min 55% on your higher secondary Board.

    For, every Indian student must have to fulfill the entry requirement for admission at a German university. In India, we have 12 years of school period and in Germany, it is 13 years and it’s called in Germany Studienkolleg

  • German Language upto B1 Level
  • IELTS 6 Band overall required

Principles Methods

So if you want to do a Bachelor course in Germany, you need to consider any of these three principles methods below

Successfully complete your 1 year of Bachelor Program in India from a recognized university in your preferred course.

Successfully clear Joint Entrance exam (JEE) for admission to courses in technology and natural sciences.

Passing the qualification assessment examination called as Feststellungsprufung. This examination is taken by the German universities to check the knowledge of basic of the subjects related to your field.